Translation of an article about Beijing's Internet Clean-up Campaign


Cleaning up of Internet to Begin at Month’s End
Internet café computers to store browser histories for 60 days, until August 31st
  The Morning Post (Journalist Xue Juanli) reported that yesterday morning, the Beijing summer meeting on the cleaning up of the internet environment kicked off at Beijing International Hotel. In order to more completely clean up the environment of internet culture, protect minors’ physical and emotional health, and create a healthy, excellent summer atmosphere, from the end of July until August 31st, the city Internet Working Group Office and City Cultural Market Management Working Group will carry out summer internet environment renovation activities throughout the entire city.
  City people’s congress standing committee member, propaganda chief, and vice mayor Lu Wei, as well as the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Secretary  Fu Zhenghua both spoke at the meeting. The meeting laid out plans for Beijing’s summer internet renovation work, and clearly defined the requirements, main tasks, responsibilities and divisions of labor for the summer internet environment government work.
  It was revealed at the meeting that internet café cleaning and renovation will be increased, with special focus on ‘illegal internet cafes,’ investigating and dealing with internet bars that admit minors in violation of regulations, and eliminating hidden threats to safety in internet cafes, as well as assisting the greening of internet bars, among other tasks. The Cultural Management Department requires that all internet cafes require real-name registration of all patrons, and store a record of the computers for 60 days, saving the browser history of internet users. Public Security organs will establish an emergency reporting hotline on all major websites, so that netizens may conveniently report illegal activities.
  Additionally, the Beijing Internet Café Association and Beijing Internet Media Association also called for internet industry workers to strengthen their self-disciplinary behaviors, and realize the “Beijing spirit,” promoting quality internet cultural products and helping the all young people develop a correct life view, worldview, and values. One Beijing internet café manager, Mr. Xin, represented all internet café managers in his public pledge: “We will strictly adhere to all laws and regulations in our operations, and be conscious about fulfilling all of our societal obligations and duties. We will work hard to end the practice of admitting minors to internet cafes, and take responsibility for the internet environment in our internet cafes, in order to ensure that all information our patrons come across in our premises is healthy and positive. 


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