Sina Weibo's 15 VIP Services

Introduction to special privileges of Sina Weibo’s new VIP service


  1. Exclusive VIP icon (“Weibo Members will be identified by an exclusive identifying icon, so you can express your valuable user identity at all times”.)
  2. Exclusive template (“Weibo Members can use exclusive individualized templates, so your home page posting box and buttons can be changed, and cool exclusive templates are continually being developed. Quick, take a look!”)
  3.  Exclusive awards (“Weibo Members’ exclusive awards will let you express your valuable user identity at all times.”)
  4.  Exclusive Weibo number (Are you still upset that your unique name is being used? Is your long account name giving you a headache? Get a “user Weibo account name” and enjoy this special privilege. You can choose from two kinds of Weibo account name services: 1) Individualized Weibo account name: enjoy a unique Weibo account name with a short address, exclusive icon, and shining awards. Your friends can find you by searching this account name, and write posts and private messages directly to your Weibo account name; 2) Log-in Weibo account name: use the most familiar account name to log in to Weibo, and accept your shining Weibo account name award.”)
  5. Exclusive customer service (“Weibo Members have an exclusive customer service team that provides you with services and assistance. This team will watch over you during your journey through Weibo.”)


  1. Quicker leveling up (“Weibo users can be faster by as much as 0.8 active days! Become a faster person!”)
  2. Increased attention online (Follow up to 3,000 users  - “Is the fact that you can only follow 2,000 people causing you problems? With this new privilege, it won’t be a problem for you anymore.”)
  3. Special promotion (“Before, you would refresh your Weibo page and no one ever asked after you! Now, with this privilege, you will have more opportunities to express yourself and win more fans through our Members’ section and other recommendation platforms!”)
  4. Ability to follow anonymously (“There are always so many people that you want to anonymously follow, but there is unfortunately a limit. Members service will let you follow up to 30 users.”)
  5. Block anonymously (“You don’t want to see posts by some users, but you’re not comfortable un-following them? Put them on your Weibo block list, and we’ll automatically block their new posts from appearing on your homepage. They’ll never know!”)


  1. Weibo Voice (“If you’re sick of text and pictures, why not yell out your Weibo post, and use your linked mobile device to dial 950-138-333 and post with Weibo Voice?)
  2. Special SMS for following (“A user’s posts are always lost in the mix. Special mobile following allows you to solve this problem! After successfully setting it up, the user’s Weibo posts will be sent to your mobile device by text the moment he or she updates. Be the first to the ‘sofa’ of celebrities’ posts!”)
  3. Birthday reminders (You forgot the birthday of a user you really care about! No need to worry, become a Weibo Member and you will be sent a friendly reminder. Users will even receive a Special Gift on their own birthdays!”)


  1. Text message security reminders (“Weibo Members can use their linked mobile device to receive security reminders via text message. You can protect your account security more quickly and conveniently.”)
  2. Change password settings by text message (In the event of an emergency, Weibo Members can send the phrase “Change Password” to 1069009043, and quickly change their password settings by following the directions sent back by text message.”)

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